My name is Katie.
I capture the life + love of weddings, families, couples, and people :)
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Photo Credit :: Abby Nottingham

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It's not hard to make me happy, I'm all about that simple life. Mornings with my journal and bible. Afternoons in a coffee shop. Latte fan all the way.
All-natural, raised meats from my own farm for dinner. Rockwall climbing, biking, and volleyball-ing. John Williams and classical music is my very favorite. Ever. 
Virginia is where I call home, but traveling is something I want to get better at doing. Humility and grace is something I never want to stop learning about. 
Christmas is just the best Holiday in the history of forever in my books. Instagram is my insta jam >  @katielynnewilson < check 'er out folks.
I'm head over heels in love with my personal Savior, Jesus Christ. I've been photographing lifestyle, portraits and weddings 
professionally for six years now, but I started messing around with photography when I was 16. I picked up a camera and never looked back. 
I love people and photography, and telling stories through them. Your story matters to me, honest. If we meet up for coffee (or brunch or tea, 
whatever floats your boat) I want to hear what you're passionate about and what fulfills you the most. I'm not a huge fan of small talk, 
but we can chat about the weather if you really want to. Or Jesus, and coffee, and love stories, or that sort of thing <3 And I'll bring my camera :)
Aaaannd last but certainly NOT least is this fact: STARWARS FAN!! Anyone else? Posters, CD's shirts? So much yesness!
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Possible Travel Dates + Locations:

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$300 > 1 hour . 35-40 images on a disc.


$200 > 1 hour . 35-40 images on a disc.


{ contact for info on that }

2017 WEDDINGS starting at $1500
( These images are put on a thumb drive and sent to your home by mail. )  

Contact Katie at: 
( or you can message me on facebook )
In my area? Sweet! I am always up for a coffee date/meeting 

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Goofiness Credit :: Katie Wilson
Photo Credit :: Abby Nottingham
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