Bridal Session: Caroline

This is Caroline...

 She is a small person with a HUUUGE personality!

Caroline and I became best friends really quickly...
It all started with: "I like your camo skirt!" - Katie
"Oh, thanks! I made it!" - Caroline
and we've been laughing and talking camo and sipping coffee and talking  Jesus ever since!
I am always encouraged after our talks and fellowship meetings.
Now you are a Bride! I am so happy you asked me to shoot your wedding!! 

 She's sunshine on a cloudy day - Her husband is so blessed to get this one <3

 Could not... stop... laughing and being all giggly with "I'm getting married-ness" :)

 Wedding Photos will be coming along shortly :D
Caroline? You're a gem! Love you to the moon and back, Sister in Christ!
Thanks for letting me take all of your photos! (WOOT WOOOOOOT!!!)

In case you missed it, check out there engagement session!! 


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