Daniel + Kathryn Staddon :: Wedding!


It's me! :D
Well, you have all been waiting - I know. So here are some of the photos from Daniel + Kathryn's wedding! 
Oh I had the best time in a long time, staying with these dear brothers and sisters in Christ <3

Some highlights from the week for you:

Most "goodnights" were said in the am.
Most mornings started around 5-6am.
Sunday, I was playing soccer and broke my big toe. 
We tried to make work bombs but the "Works" didn't live up to it's name.
a TON of root beer float fixings were left.
There was a grand amount of chocolate left over... (YES!!!)
There was always something to wash in the kitchen.
Always singing and laughter could be heard.
Praising Jesus was natural speech.


So here we go... Enjoy!

Can you ever get enough of these photos? :)
Yes - there was always a quadcopter around :) 

Oh SOOO beautiful!! 

Happy sisters and friends! 3




*crying <3

Some detail shots - lovely, huh?! <3

The Bride's sister grew these flowers for this special day! Love love love!!

Sorry, I don't have the girls' photos ready yet, they will come later.

Oh mmyyyyyy... <3 <3 <3

FIRST TOUCH!!! *crying some more<3

Sweet prayer time <3 Praising the Lord some more <3
Singing!! Oh, glorious singing!!

More glorious singing <3
Announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Staddon!! WOOT WOOOOOOOT!!

:) <3

WOOT WOOOOOOOTT!! Husband and Wife!! 

Happy bridal party as they introduced Mr. and Mrs. Staddon!! 

Greetings and Goodbyes.
I don't think we had enough bubbles... what do you think?

We met the new couple at this lovely park afterwards for their photos

So much love :) <3

Yes. Just yes.

This was the most beautiful wedding I've ever photographed. EVER. Not even kidding here.
Yes, the flowers were gorgeous, the park was fantastic! The cake was oh so yummy!
But I'm talking about the people. These people love Jesus. And this whole weekend 
(and the whole week I was there!) the main goal was to glorify our Father in heaven. 
That's it. 
That was all. 
Just to bring God glory.


I'm coming back people! 
Love you all so dearly <3

Praising Jesus,
Love, K


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