Jay + Sarah :: Wedding

Due to the fact that it rained non-stop ALL DAYYY... we had to move the ceremony indoors. BUT! It was still so gorgeous! And my second shooter, Caroline, got these awesome photographs of where the ceremony would have taken place. So at least you get to see all the greens and the red barns, and the flowers and white chairs :) 

          Meanwhile, I took the guys downtown to where Jay and Sarah had their first date at the awesomest little ice cream shop > EVERRR.
                                                                 And we found a lamp post... you know what that means :)

 Guys, men LOVE jumping photos, just saying :) 
 And this one was a MUST.

 The lovely bride with her lovely ladies <3
 Little flower girl watching ,watching, watching :)
Um, cowgirl boots. Um, what?! YESSS...

She's a stunner for sure <3 

I loved all their decor!! 
 I'm not sure if there were more laughs or "WHAAAATT??!!"'s around after they saw the car, full of baby powder and vaseline. Eeks... :P 
/ / / / / / / / / / 

What a day! Thank you guys for letting me take in all the happiness of your beautiful day! 

CAROLINE!! BOOM!! We work together like two peas in a pod! You hired girllllll <3 !! 
{ And you awesome!! }


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