Trip to the Fuhrmanns - Valentine's Day // 2016

Well as I'm sure you guys all know, when we get together with this family... well, things can get a little crazy. But in a good way ;)

We arrived late Saturday evening. We took two vehicles, so "my" vehicle was the 250 truck. Will drove. He is one of the very few people that don't worry me when they are driving. I call those few people good drivers in my books ;) Anyway! > we were singing our loudest to Irish bands and counting down the hours...minutes... seconds... last turns... and taking in more coffee..

Side note :: It is extremely hard to find good coffee on the road.

:: Moving on ::

There was yelling and screaming and oh my goodness-ing going on from both sides of the fam when we arrived safe and sound, praise the Lord!! (No car trouble this trip :)
I simply can not go into detail on the whole time we were there, (13th - 16th) or you would be sitting and reading for hours upon hours. So I shall highlight some of the best times for you below.

Personality tests
Love language tests
Sledding down hills
4 wheeling
Sleeping in
Chore time
Ping pong games 
Valentin's day
Trampoline time
Staying up until midnight... and later.
Playing games
Telling stories
Chasing escaped cows threw thick cold snow
And loads, loads more :)

Here are just a few photos to enjoy
Until next time, our beloved Fuhrmann family,


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