Lance + Elaine Wedding

*Happy Sigh...

What a fantastic weekend in PA! 
And what a gorgeous, fun wedding! :D

 Here's the man himself!

 I had never photographed a first look before, but let me tell you... It was sooo sweet!! <3

 FAVORITE RIGHT HERE!!! (above pic) 

 *EEKKKS! This is happening!"  :D

 Isn't this the coolest place to take wedding pictures? 

Lovely, lovely ladies!! 

 Handsome dudes all in their blues + camo ties.

 Poor Lance, heehee ;D
 "Here comes the smolder...." ;)

 These were a hit :) Thank goodness no one fell OFF the roof! 

 "Everyone smell the flowers!"

 And then it was time! TIIIME!

 Aww :)

 Love this one too <3

Hugs all around! 
 Coolest cake ever award... Just sayin'

 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholes! :D

 The bubbles got a little out of hand by the "kids" - Oops ;)

           And after many:

          "What's wrong?"
          "Why won't it start?"
          "Ok, Who did it?"
          "I didn't"
          "No, don't tell him yet!"
          "Oooohhh bbooyyyyy!..."
          They were finally off! Congratulations again guys! 
          Thanks for letting me photograph your beautiful day, and hangout with everyone for the weekend! 
          It was a blast - I wanna come visit soon, K?

          BIIIIIIGGGGG SHOUT OUT to my friend, Christina for helping me out!
          Could not have done all this without you girl! You're the BEST!! <3 


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