this shall remain titleless.

because i can never think of a good one...

well well. here i am. farmlife has kept me away from the blogger's world. 
but i have returned if only for a short while. 
these photos are taken with a iPhone... not my 7D. but i love them, and hope you enjoy. 
{oh yes, i have typed all this in lower case because i like it that way... sometimes.}  

these guys are allllll dooonneee!!
our huge turkey pick up day involved lots of these yummy things. hearts.
 this is Toby. he's my very favorite.
 this is Valley. the meanest cow in the history of my forever.
 and here are my good girls. love them.
soak in all this lovely gold people. 

weddings + engagement + little kids + conferences involve coffee.

 bluesky + sunshine!

say hello to fall colors!

yours truly, {k}atie


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