Samuel + Anna: Engagement session

Be prepared to be "wowzed" out! Just a warning...

AND!!... I'm totally pumped because I get to photograph their wedding in May!!  #feelingspecial ;)


  1. Lovely photos! And that is SO neat you will be photographing their wedding!! :D

  2. GAHHHH, finally, here they are! And JUST as gorgeous as I knew they would be! If not more so!
    So my rating?? -- FIVE STARS!
    Amazing job, girl!
    #whohoo #wootwoot #myfaves #lovethis #this
    Sorry . . . I guess I am in an Instagram mood :)
    And we get to see you next week!!! That's like, what, AMAZING??

    1. Sahwy . . . this is Olivster :)
      (Who else would have written the above! I think I am a little charismatic today :/ )


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