Trip to Asheville NC // The Worship of God Conference part 1

I will post two parts of our trip. Here are some photos around the conference center, Ridgecrest. 
The next part I will post some things that God pricked my heart with. But I have to collect my thoughts.
 It was 4 days worth of awesome teaching and fellowship that I pray God will NEVER let me forget! 
Praise be to God! We really serve an awesome God! 

 My family members...

 Watching my brothers play with new friends...

To be continued.


  1. Loved seeing all these pictures! And that tree, Is its' leaves pink?! That's really cool! :) It looks like a neat location for a photo shoot! :) ~Tashia

  2. Katie, numbers 3, 14 and 15 are my well as you all together and the ones of the cute little girl in black (lost count). Your blonde looks amazing and that's not because I want to make you feel good or really looks awesome on you! So glad it did not go white :)
    Post part the second soon, please!

  3. The pics are beautiful!!! I love the one of all of you guys! Now I have to ask, is the girl in pink lucy? Or is it the girl in blue? I want to know so Sarah will be able to see her. :)


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