Friday, December 6, 2013

Trip to Asheville NC // The Worship of God Conference part 2

I spent quite a lot of time taking pictures of God’s magnificent creation. 
In Asheville NC it was so beautiful and colorful! 
After the conference we were able to go on a hike up a mountain to stretch our legs and get some fresh air. 
I was in awe of God's beauty! 
I meet new friend and had a blast with the friends I only see once or twice a year. 
I had a bonding time with my family, a weekend spent totally glorifying God with all my little heart God put in me. I learned a lot…
One of the speakers that really impacted me was this gentleman below. Jeff Pollard...
He gave me a bigger and greater view of God and of worship. 
He talked about how music is a language. How it reflects our hearts. 
It is powerful and all music has a meaning. It affects us but does not have control over us. 
He said music is symbolic and can be read. It expresses emotions. 
Style matters; it expresses what we're saying.
Music should rebuke us of our sin and bring us to the cross. 
Music should make us hope in Christ; make us sorrowful for our sins. 
Music needs to manifest the God who saved us! Music must reflect His glory, not out passions. 
What is shaping us and who’s fashioning our personal taste?  
Below are 7 other speakers.
Those are just a few thoughts that I have been thinking about. :)
I love the Lord and I'm SO grateful for everything He’s teaching me! He is good!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Trip to Asheville NC // The Worship of God Conference part 1

I will post two parts of our trip. Here are some photos around the conference center, Ridgecrest. 
The next part I will post some things that God pricked my heart with. But I have to collect my thoughts.
 It was 4 days worth of awesome teaching and fellowship that I pray God will NEVER let me forget! 
Praise be to God! We really serve an awesome God! 

 My family members...

 Watching my brothers play with new friends...

To be continued.